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For over a decade, we have created value for customers by managing complex global projects. Our expertise is in development and manufacturing.

The idea behind Nio Technology is to provide a business and service that plans and manages product development projects. We cooperate with some of the world's most successful automotive brands, like Volvo and CEVT.


Founding Partner & CEO

As an experienced Program Manager, Mona has a proven record of delivering excellent results in the automotive industry. Her advanced project planning and automotive experience also make her a much-appreciated mentor with exceptional coaching skills.

Current Assignment:

Chief Project Manager - Volvo Buses

At Volvo Buses Mona is leading the Project Management Group and focusing on the cross-functional work throughout global and complex projects at full vehicle level.

"My main goal is to make sure a successful project is delivered, both on time and with top quality. I'm working on a mixed Waterfall and Agile project - which gives an extra touch of excitement when working with project assurance. I very much enjoy the cross-functional part of the role, as I get to meet different people and learn about their areas."
- Mona Säverhag

Letter of Recommendation


As an appreciated leader with an engineering background, Monica has succeeded in various senior management positions within development and manufacturing. Her accomplishments from complex projects are a great asset for Nio Technology's customers, whether they operate within IT, Tech or Automotive.

Current Assignment:

Chief Project Manager - Volvo Buses

As of September 2022, Monica joins the Volvo Buses team as she takes on the role as Chief Project Manager. Here she will be leading the Project Management Group and focus on the cross functional work throughout global and complex projects at full vehicle level.

"I'm excited to take on new challenges at Volvo Buses! I very much look forward to working on the future of transport solutions together with the skilled team."
- Monica Sädbom



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